July 18, 2017

Dear Fellows,
As the chairman of the grant committee of the ICD USA Section Foundation I encourage you to apply for a grant if you have a humanitarian project worthy of supporting. We have limited funds, however, we are always eager to subsidize projects that support activities of our Fellows’ and the Foundation’s mission. The deadline for the application date is usually August 1st, however, we would like to allow everyone who has not yet applied for a grant to have an opportunity to do so. We will be extending the 2017 deadline to September 1st. These requests will be reviewed and voted on at our ICD USA Section Foundation Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA October 18th.

The Guidelines and Application form are available on the ICD USA Section Foundation website. 

 Click Here for the grant application form

Please save the form to your computer before entering data or your information will be lost.
Please follow the instructions and submit your request by September 1st to foundation@usa-icd.org.
The Grant Committee looks forward to receiving your requests. If you have any questions please call April Huber at the USA Section office: (301) 251-8861
William Hunter, DDS
Grant Committee Chairman


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