October 1, 2017

ICD and Henry Schein Cares Humanitarian Stimulus Grant
To demonstrate the Foundation’s support of USA Fellows, in 2018 the Foundation will initiate a pilot program designed to fund USA Fellows’ local or state humanitarian projects. An ICD Fellow may apply for a $500 grant from the Foundation to help initiate or continue his/her project. Simplified/abbreviated grant application and grant report forms will be utilized for this program. The recipient will be required to provide documentation on how the funds were utilized. This program’s objectives are not only to provide financial support, but also to publicize some of the many humanitarian activities that our USA Fellows are involved in. (See additional information “ICD and Henry Schein Cares Humanitarian Stimulus Grant” on the Foundation website “Foundation Grants”.)

ICD and Henry Schein Cares Humanitarian Project Award
To recognize and encourage other USA Fellows, an annual $5,000 award will be presented to a USA Fellow for his/her local or state humanitarian project which is deemed the most beneficial in terms of care provided or positive outcomes. The award will be designated to provide additional support for the project. Any USA ICD Fellow may apply for the award.

Named Fund opportunities
The Foundation is promoting 3 new “Named” donor opportunities: Named events, named Section office space, and named funds to recognize/honor individuals. There are specific Section office areas that can be designated in honor of someone. Likewise, there are a variety of USA Section functions that can be personalized for a donor. Lastly, there are many individuals who may be honored by a specific Foundation Fund account in their name. All of these require different levels of donations but exist to honor the donors or recipients. (See additional information “Named Fund Protocol” on the Foundation website “How to Donate”.)

Planned Giving opportunities
The Foundation has engaged the Pentera Group to develop and administer a Planned Giving opportunity for donors. The inclusion of the Foundation in wills, trusts, insurance benefits, etc. provides a simple way for individuals to support the USA Section. Specific information and instructions are provided. (See additional information “Planned Giving” on the Foundation website “How to Donate”.)

Required Minimal Distributions from retirement accounts
Each year, many retirement accounts require a minimum distribution for retirees over 70 ½ years old. It is relatively simple to designate all or some that required fund usage to the USA Section Foundation. Consult your plan administrator to identify the benefits for both you and the Foundation. (See additional information “Required Minimal Distribution (RMD) Strategy for Foundation Contributions” on the Foundation website “How to Donate”.)

Submitted by: Dr. Theodore Roberson, President, ICD USA Section 
Date: 9/27/17

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