June 19, 2018

Our Spring meeting in Portland Maine was both productive and filled with enjoyable fellowship activities thanks to the involvement by Section President Dr. Joe Kenneally and his wife Lisa, as well as the great detail handling by Paula Rinaudo and all of our hard-working staff. The weather in Portland was very nice and better than forecast. We had a great half day of CE at the New England School of Dentistry and a tour of the school guided by both the Dean and the founding Dean.

For our  Foundation meeting, we were missing 3 Board members, two due to family health problems and one whose trip was finally abandoned due to weather problems that made it impossible to get to Portland in time for the meeting.

During our Board meeting, we were updated on the joint activities of the Foundation’s Fund Raising Committee and the USA Section’s Advertising Committee. They are working together to developers a  presentation packet that can be used to tell potential supporters, both corporate and others, what the ICD is and what we do as well as the various ways that they could help us accomplish our mission. There are some major potential partners who are already having discussions with us, and there is a plan being developed to enlarge our outreach significantly this year. 

There also is a plan to enlarge our “Century Club” membership as well as helping our Fellows become aware of and familiar with our Named Event opportunities and Planned Giving Program. If we grow our “Endowed Fund”  as well as the advertising revenue and program support it will allow the USA-ICD to expand its programs as well as lower the cost for new Fellows induction and our dues. This will make the ICD an even stronger organization. I am pleased to report that the Foundation now has over $1,800,000 and we are hoping to exceed $ 2,000,000 very soon!

We voted to join with the College at Large in administrating a new endowed fund that is coming from the Washington University Dental Alumni Association. Washington University closed its Dental school several years ago and this fund has continued  supporting dental school scholarships each year and they have asked the CAL to take over this fund and invest it and then the USA-ICD Foundation Grants Committee will review the applicants and along with some representatives from the WUDAA they will select the recipient(s). This is a nice opportunity for the CALand the USA-ICD to partner together. 

We are nearly finished changing our financial operations under the guidance of Treasurer Dr. Michael Bydalec and Registrar Elaine Wagner, to simply the disperse net of payments and the tracking of all of our financial transactions and creating of timely and helpful reports. This has involved changing accounting firms and banks as well as putting all of our financial functions on Quick Books. 

The many programs and activities that the Foundation supports are all doing well and are closely monitored by the appropriate Committees. The Grants Committee has been chaired by Dr. William Hunter for many years, and Dr. Hunter will be leaving the Trustee Board at the end of 2018. He will be greatly missed. I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his outstanding service to us all through his work with the Foundation and wish him well. 

The Foundation is functioning well and has a strong Board of caring involved Trustees and a good Strategic Plan, and all of this makes it a real privilege to serve as the President. I am confident that the future of the Foundation will be exciting and positive. 

The 2018 Fellowship Class is near finalization, so now is the time to begin to developers your list of potential Fellowship candidates for 2019. Remember that “Sharing the Honor” is not only a privilege of your own Fellowship in the ICD but also vital to the continued growth of the ICD. Hope to see you in Hawaii in October!

In Fellowship,
Dexter Barnes, DDS
President, USA-ICD Foundation

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