December 6, 2017
The 47th Annual Ernest M. Jones Memorial Lectureship was held on March 24, 2017, at the University of Washington in Seattle, sponsored in part by the University of Washington Dental Alumni Association. This event was very well attended. The guest speaker was ICD Fellow Dr. Robert L. Frazer Jr.
Dr. Frazer presented The Art of Becoming A 'Purple Cow' Dental Practice - Creating the Remarkable, Thriving Practice Through Focused Strategy and Emotional Intelligence. His presentation addressed Applied Strategic Planning and key interpersonal dynamics.  He introduced the three strategic windows for market leadership in the dental industry. 
"There are only two choices. Win by being more ordinary, more standard and cheaper. Or win by being unique, remarkable and more human." - Author Seth Godin's Purple Cow to Dentistry

Featured Image: USA Section Past President Dr. Dexter E. Barnes (2015), ICD Fellows Drs. Robert L. Frazer Jr., and Dean Joel Berg at the Dean Jones Lecture.

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