December 20, 2018

Farewell Message from the 2018 ICD USA Section President Joseph R. Kenneally

December 2018

It doesn’t seem that long ago that District One Regent Van Zissi asked me to step up as the ICD Deputy Regent from Maine. I didn’t realize then how the College would weave itself into the fabric of my life, little by little, until it became a family affair for Lisa and me, eventually bringing us into contact with fellow dentists around the country and the world who are now close and cherished friends. Working with other ICD leaders has broadened me as a dentist and as a citizen of the planet, and it has helped me to see the enormous challenges and stunning successes of dentistry around the globe.

The original idea of the ICD, in 1920, was to create an international organization of leading dentists to promote collegial relations, to evaluate and monitor the progress of dentistry worldwide, and to disseminate information to dental colleagues in all the countries of the world. The Internet does the dissemination of information quite effectively today, and so the ICD has changed with the times. Our focus now is much more service oriented: we recognize and promote excellence in leadership, with an emphasis on service; we address oral health needs and education throughout the world; and we have collaborated with other groups who share our values. The ICD supports, promotes, assists, or creates literally hundreds of service projects around the world. It is also a vector of mutual understanding among dentists from areas in conflict, and between dentists who practice in first world, second world, and third world countries. It has been my experience that the more that the ICD seeks to help, the more it realizes that help is needed. We would like to get bigger and better, at a time when organizations like ours are shrinking. We believe we can do it, because we have a noble purpose: “Serving Others”.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as USA Section President for 2018. I am proud to leave the Section Presidency in the hands of my successor, Dr. Peter Korch, and his outstanding Executive Committee.

Happy New Year to all!

In Fellowship,
Joseph R. Kenneally, DMD
2018 President
ICD USA Section



   The thing about Joe

   The thing about Joe Kenneally is that he is basically honest, staight-forward, and his ethics are beyond reproach. These are qualities that are too often lost in todays world of Dentistry. He has brought honor to the College and I commend you for this Joe. My best wishes for you and your family.  ....BILL ROBINSON - Florida

Dear Joe,

Dear Joe,

Not sure if you remember me. I served on the Vermont State Dental Society board some years ago.  Was hoping to attend ICD luncheon at this year's Yankee, but will not be able to be there.  Congratulations on your upcoming award, and thank-you  for your service to ICD and dentistry!


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