June 10, 2019

In Vancouver, British Columbia on May 10, 2019, Dr. Christine Benoit (Rhode Island), ICD Antibiotic Awareness Sub-Committee, explained the critical individual, community and global threat of antibiotic resistance. 

The ICD's mission is to make available information from the CDC Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work and the World Health Organization, to assist Fellows globally in understanding the critical importance of antibiotic resistance, as well as appropriate use and over-prescribing issues facing the world today. 

Attendees were instructed to use the ICD.org web site under Projects, and cdc.gov/getsmart to gather additional information.  

"Very useful information",  "I'm surprised to learn that" and "wish it was longer" were comments from the USA and Canadian Sections Fellows who attended. 

On April 19, 2019, ICD.org placed the "Antibiotic Resistance" video presentation on the International College of Dentists Worldwide website for Fellows, Dentists, and their staff to view and receive Continuing Education credit at no cost. The course is CERP approved through the Rhode Island Dental Association. To receive the printable certificate simply watch the video and complete the ten question knowledge quiz. ICD Fellow John B. Tullner (Virginia) chairs the ICD Antibiotic Awareness Program and is the presenter, director and producer of this online learning opportunity. 

Message from Dr. John Tullner:

Great news Christine.  I am real proud of you and your efforts on this project as well as the many other irons you have in the fire with the ICD and other groups.

You are a real credit to the dental profession.  I really enjoy working with you and am glad my project was sent to you 4+ years ago. I also thank the others from the ICD as well for all of the support. Who'd of thought....


John B. Tullner, DDS, FICD
Chair, ICD Antibiotic Awareness Program

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