Archive from July 2015

District 10 Fun News - Dr. Fellman's Big Catch!

July 15, 2015
We would like to Congratulate Regent Dr. Thomas Fellman on his Big Catch while fishing in Anchorage, Alaska! Now that is one big beautiful Salmon!

District 11 Montana - Dr. Jill K. Frazier Provides Free Dental Exam Through Our ICD Peace Corps Program

July 1, 2015
Peace Corps applicant Brycen Ek contacted Mrs. Webster in our ICD USA Section Office to find out more about scheduling a free dental exam with one of our Peace Corps Volunteer Dentists in NW Montana. He was referred to Fellow Dr. Jill K. Frazier's for the exam. Photo: Mr. Ek submitted this photo to the ICD following his dental exam with Dr. Frazier on July 1, 2015 along with a nice thank you message stating his appreciation for the support...