October 26, 2016

Congratulations to the New Fellows from District 9 inducted October 21, 2016 in Denver, CO!

Regent: Julio H. Rodriguez - WI
Vice Regent: Steven A. Sulfaro - MI
Deputy Regents: Stephen R. Harris - MI; Ned Murphy - WI
Lynne Brock - Milwaukee, WI 
Kevin Thomas Cook - Ann Arbor, MI 
George William Davidson III - Stevens Point, WI 
Nathalie Dube - Mount Pleasant, MI 
Russell D. Dunkel - Greenfield, WI 
Dennis J. Fasbinder - Ann Arbor, MI 
Douglas J. Hinterman - Okemos, MI 
Karen A. Johnson - Clintonville, WI 
Scott R. Johnson - Madison, WI 
Lisa Knowles - East Lansing, MI 
Stephen J. Meraw - Grosse Pointe, MI 
William Lawrence Metz - Brighton, MI 
Miriam Parker - Canton, MI 
William A. Patchak - Jackson, MI 
Thomas Edward Reid - Madison, WI 
Fangbin Sun - Flint, MI 
David W. Swan - Traverse City, MI 


Congratulations to all the

Congratulations to all the District 9 new Fellows. It is an honor to have you join the International College of Dentists. It is important that you become active in your respective states by informing your state officers of your humanitarian activities and attend your state meetings.
Ron Paler

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