July 28, 2017

Message from District 1 Vice Regent Dr. Eliot L. Paisner

I write this 3 days before going “Over the Edge”, in nervous anticipation of the upcoming rappelling. Participating in this fundraiser for the Greater Nashua Dental Connection has given me the opportunity to reflect upon different aspects of this event.

First is the gratitude I feel to all of those wonderful people who have supported me in this endeavor. The number of contributors and the amount raised has far exceeded my expectations. Kudos to you all.

I feel grateful to have been a part of the Greater Nashua Dental Connection organization for the last 18 years. It has been quite a ride: from initial conception to a task force to 501C-3 non-profit. Helping provide care and improve the oral health of the greater Nashua community has been one of the most rewarding parts of my professional career. The main goal of the Dental Connection has always been helping people in pain, keeping them out of the emergency room and preventing children from missing school due to dental disease. The Connection has also succeeded in providing general dental care to those who do not have dental insurance or a “dental home”.

As you may imagine, setting up a multi-room dental facility and keeping the doors open is a constant, daily challenge. A fundraising event such as “Over the Edge” will go a long way to help the Dental Connection continue to provide this necessary service to the Greater Nashua Community.

So now it is a matter of getting myself to actually go off the rooftop. It has been suggested that I dress in the costume of a superhero such as Spiderman, but if I were to dress in costume it would most likely be a more appropriate character such as the Cowardly Lion.

Background for the event: The Greater Nashua United Way teamed with 10 Nashua, NH non-profits who ultimately raised a total of $130,000 from 1,600 donors. Of 70 rappellers, I raised the second most amount of money- $5,880 from 65+ donors. The top 6 fundraisers rappelled on Thursday, which was “media day”. Senator Kelly Ayotte, WMUR sportscaster Jamie Staton,  Mrs. NH Diana Erickson, and Sir Speedy of the Nashua baseball team the Silver Nights were the “VIP” rappellers.

Thursday,  July 27, 2017: OK. It’s over, and I did it. I actually rappelled from the roof of a 24 story building (269 feet) and survived. The Over the Edge professionals said most people relax after a few minutes and then enjoy the experience. Not so much for me.  I was tense for the entire experience. Yes, the most difficult part was leaning back and taking the first step off the ledge, but I never relaxed.  I had a “Go Pro” attached to my helmet but it mostly shows the wall of the building because I was never comfortable enough to look around. Very boring video. Fortunately, the windows reflected a nice view that I only saw on the video after the fact. Here are the links to two videos on this United Way GN channel: “Robin and Eliot get ready to go over the edge” (2 minutes) and “Eliot Paisner goes over the edge” (12 minutes). It was a windy descent but that is not the only reason the video is somewhat shaky.

Watch Robin and Eliot get ready to go OVER THE EDGE!       

Watch Eliot Paisner goes OVER THE EDGE!

This was an amazing experience but all of the kudos go to you, the donor who made this event so successful.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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