April 20, 2016

The Louisiana Chapter of the ICD met on Thursday, April 14, 2016 in conjunction with the New Orleans Dental Conference and Louisiana Dental Association Annual Session.  The Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Schott presided over the meeting; also in attendance were Drs. Robert Barsley, Mark Chaney, Henry Gremillion, Kristi Soileau and Deputy Regent Dr. Stephen Ortego. 


Photo: Louisiana ACD and ICD Fellows

Guest speaker, Bethany Bultman, a full-time volunteer from the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic, addressed the issue of how poor dental hygiene and lack of dental education have an impact on the ability for many musicians to perform their jobs properly.  Dean Gremillion discussed the fact that the new integrated care facility at the dental school may be a starting point in developing an overall health appreciation in these musicians, whose art form is vital to the economy and essence of the State of Louisiana. 

Congratulations to the new members from Louisiana who were inducted in 2015 in Washington, D.C. - Drs. George Arch, Jeffrey Hooton, King Scott, Kristi Soileau, Danny Weaver, and Stephanie Weaver.

Accolades are in order for Dr. Henry Gremillion, who was recently named Gold Medal Award recipient of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, is the Immediate Past Chair of ADEA, and is President of OKU.

Also worthy of accolades is Dr. Robert Barsley, 2016 Honor Dentist of the New Orleans Dental Association. 

ICD Recipients of this year's LDA Distinguished Service Award are Drs. Randolph Green, Jeffrey Hooton, John Portwood, and Thomas Price.  

The Louisiana Chapter of the ICD is a partial contributor of the white coats for the sophomore dental students' White Coat Ceremony. 

Submitted by:
Dr. Kristi M. Soileau
ICD USA Section
District 12 - Louisiana Editor

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