June 29, 2017
At the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting this spring, Henry A. Gremillion, DDS, MAGD, was named honorary member of the Hinman Dental Society. Honorary membership is bestowed upon a dentist who has enhanced the dental profession and demonstrated a life of honor. To be considered for this special status, an individual's nomination must be signed by five active members and approved by two-thirds of the organization's executive council; two-thirds of the general membership who are present and voting must then approve it. Only 13 dentists hold the title of honorary member today. When the Hinman Society held its first meeting in 1912, it was considered to be the first clinic strictly for serious-minded educational purposes. Today the Hinman Dental Society is comprised of 800 dentist members, primarily located in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. The Hinman Dental Meeting is an annual tradition of the Society, providing dental professionals with outstanding educational and professional development opportunities.
Congratulations on this very special recognition! Dr. Gremillion has also began his term as Board Director of the ADEA Council of Deans at the closing session of the House of Delegates in March 2017. 

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