March 9, 2016

District 13 ICD Fellows recently volunteered for the CDA Cares Program in Fresno and Ventura, CA. There is also an event planned for Stockton, CA on October 15–16, 2016.

CDA Cares is a volunteer dental program in California.  The program provides oral health care services to those in need offering extractions, fillings, cleanings, oral health education and assistance finding a source for ongoing dental care.  On a limited basis, they offer root canals, dentures and temporary partial dentures. 

All of the members on the CDA Executive Comittee are ICD Fellows who continue to volunteer their time and services.

We would like to send a huge Thank You out to our Fellows and the many volunteers who contribute to the success of the CDA Cares Program!!

To learn about CDA Cares, go to

To participate in Stockton, go to

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