December 8, 2015

Dear Fellows,

It is time to celebrate the contributions of fellow dentists by passing forward the honor of ICD membership.  Send your candidate nominations now for the 2016 Class, to be recognized next October in Denver, Colorado.

The process is easier than ever—go to the ICD website (you must login to use the online process), click on the Members tab and from the drop down Menu hover on the New Fellow Process then click Sponsor tab to start the process for a candidate. See helpful tips below.

If you should have any questions please call 1.301.251.8861 and ask for Jennifer Greenville at ICD USA Section Office.  Or contact me by email or call 512.474.7356.   We will gladly assist.

For those attending the ICD/ACD/PF Breakfast at the TDA Convention on Friday, May 6th, I will be there to assist before or afterwards.  Our nomination deadline is May 15th—but the sooner received the better!  Hope to see you at the breakfast with my list complete to assure a great class of Texans at the Denver meeting!

Thanks again,
Roland S. Davies, DDS, Deputy Regent ICD, District 15