February 8, 2017

Recently, Dr. John T. Baker, DDS, FICD, from Dallas, Texas received a national award from the American Dental Association for his volunteer service to disadvantaged and impoverished people of Mexico. In 2016, only 22 individuals received this prestigious award.

Dr. Baker participated in 38 mission trips over 19 years to the most secluded, impoverished areas of Northern Mexico, caring for people who lived in brush huts, caves, lean-tos, dugouts and small adobe huts.  He provided extractions, dental cleanings, dental fillings, and periodontal services, as well as educational techniques in oral hygiene and basic tooth maintenance. He treated patients in the most primitive of conditions, often outside under a tree, a brush arbor, a tarp, and only occasionally in an adobe structure. Temperatures in the Chihuahuan Desert ranged from 20 degrees in winter to 129 degrees in the summer but regardless of the temperatures, there were always hogs, chickens, dogs, donkeys, horses, and goats running all around!

Dr. Baker considers his mission work to be the most wonderful part of his 49-year dental practice career, so far. He encourages all dentist to get involved in some sort of volunteer service to help the less fortunate.

CLICK HERE to read more about Dr. Baker's mission trips.

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