The Esperanza Center Health Services Inc./Catholic Charities was awarded $3,000.00 from the International College of Dentists USA Section Foundation to be used in the 2016 fiscal year to support the Esperanza Center Dental Program for Immigrants project.

  • Number of patients served: 
    • FY 16 We served 1988 unduplicated patients which had 3677 visits or encounters of these patients we had 188 dental patients with 375 visits or encounters
  • Demographics include Immigrants: 90% Latino from the following countries. México, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.  The remaining 10% are from African countries.
  • Following procedures: 40 Cavities, 29 extractions, 26 periodontal care, 46 restorations, 22 root canals, 19 partial dentures, 9 complete dentures and 24 Hygiene cleaning.  We also screened 93 patients and performed general exams for Diabetic patients
  • Benefits and impact to the community being served.
  • The benefits of providing dental services in our primary care clinic is invaluable since 90% of our patients have no access to care either medical or dental.  Our immigrant population does not qualify for any of the Health Care Exchanges and are not insurable.  We are able to provide essential primary care together with dental care to adults.
  • Volunteers who participated (demographics).
  • We partnered with the Loyola dental Outreach Group and were able to create a dental program with 7 of their members.  Some of our dentists are either retired or still practicing.  Since we are a VIM clinic under the FTCA umbrella we are able to provide Malpractice insurance for our volunteer providers.

Dental Providers

  • Dr. Michael Kenney
  • Dr. Michael Doyle
  • Dr. Lewis Libby
  • Dr. Peggy Leary
  • Dr. Fred Parker
  • Dr. John Meredith
  • Dr. Tom Ritter
  • Partnership with the entity being supported and collaborative efforts outlined.
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, University of Maryland School of Hygiene and Dental School, Friendship Dental Lab, Benco Dental, Henry Schein
  • Stories to be shared and accompanied by a Waiver Form if appropriate.
  • The clinic was able to provide dental essential dental care to the 188 patients, however, we were able to provide partial and full dentures to a number of patients.  The importance of providing full dentures is vital since most of our patients have never had dental care and thus had to have all their teeth extracted.  In providing full dentures, our patients were so grateful to be able to eat once again and enjoy a smile with their family members.  The gratitude shown by our patients is overwhelming.  One patient told us that due to his new dentures, he was able to eat a piece of meat for the first time in 3 years. 

- Bibi W. Hackshaw                                  


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