November 1, 2012

Report by Deputy Regent Edwin L. Morris

I am writing this report after having just returned from a very enjoyable time at
the ICD Meeting in San Francisco. It was a most impressive meeting where everything
went like clockwork and, I believe, everyone had a great time. I would
like to first thank the ICD staff for all of their hard work. Such an undertaking,
with all of its many components, requires a lot of planning and attention to detail.
They were able to bring everything together seamlessly and with great style. The
newly elected Fellows, five of whom were from Maryland, were inducted in an
appropriately dignified convocation befitting this significant honor. The evening
dinner and dance was equally well done. Again, to the USA ICD my hat is off to
you all.

Of course, what made this meeting even more significant for Marylanders is the
fact that our own Dr. W. Michael Kenney is the 2012 President of the USA Section
of the ICD. Without question Maryland can be proud of Mike’s presidency.
All of the Regents with whom I spoke could not speak highly enough about
Mike’s leadership during this past year. As many of you know Mike initiated an
ambitious effort to develop a strategic plan for the USA section. At Mike’s behest
Dr. Robert Frazier, an ICD Fellow and an expert in this field, was kind
enough to spearhead the process on behalf of the USA section. The development
of a strategic plan forces an organization to look within itself, define what it
stands for, what its goals are and where it is headed. The USA Section has successfully
undertaken this process and is now focused and ready to move forward
into the future thanks to Mike’s leadership.

Having known Mike for many years, as have many of you, his organizational
abilities and his leadership skills are no surprise. He, of course, has served the
Maryland ICD as Deputy Regent, Vice Regent and finally as Regent. While serving
as Regent his talents were recognized by his colleagues and they chose to
elevate him to the presidency of the USA Section.

I would hope that you will join me at our Annual General Membership Meeting
on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 to thank Mike, to catch up on what is happening
at the ICD, and to hear what is happening in our profession of dentistry. Dean
Christian Stohler has some important information to share with us about our profession
and its future. He will be our guest speaker for the evening.

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