September 15, 2017

ICD USA Section Fellows from District 4 Volunteered for the Mid-Maryland Mission of Mercy and Health Equity Festival.

Many folks in need of Dental care were treated by wonderful caring Dentists, hygienists, assistants, students and general volunteers.

Thank you all for participating in this much needed event. Kudos to all!

Among the volunteers were ICD Fellows Drs. Johanna Huijssoon, Isabelle Lass, Charles D. Dietrich, Ali Fassihi, Angela Noguera, Kathleen Frankle, Gigi Meinecke, Christos Loukaitis, Christopher Liang (Clinic Lead), Tristram Kruger (Oral Surgery Lead), Richard Williams, Mary Ziomek, Usa Bunnag, Arpana Verma, Victor Siegel and Charles Doring.

Dr. Margaret Culotta-Norton, USA Section 2016 President also volunteered with Fellow Dr. Dushanka Kleinman, Associate Dean UMd School of Public Health and one of her students Lizzie Cohen.