June 29, 2016
Last Winter, the Maryland chapters of the International College of Dentists (ICD) and the American College of Dentists (ACD) sought volunteer Fellows to serve as mentors/discussants for a series of seminars on Dental Ethics for third year Dental students at UMSOD. This was a first move to restore a program earlier active under the aegis of our two groups. ICD Fellows Eric Katkow and Barry Lyon coordinated with Dr. Vanessa Benavent, Research Assistant Professor at UMSOD in the planning of the six sessions. Although the scheduled times of Tuesday afternoons were inconvenient for most Fellows, devoted efforts by the organizers secured commitments for all dates. The students brought interest and enthusiasm to the case studies on Ethical Decision Making regarding a periodontally compromised referral patient (January 5) and the Impaired Dentist (January 12). The vagaries of Winter weather resulted in the last minute cancellation of the sessions planned for January 26 and February 9. Undaunted, both students and mentors returned on February 16 with eagerness for discussions of Service (both to professional standards and to the requested needs of the patient – a case based on a study by Dr. David Chambers). The final scheduled seminar on Production Quotas in a clinic setting (March 1) struck particularly close to home for students considering options for practice.

Volunteer mentors, some of whom set aside the time, but were unable to serve because of the weather cancellations, were Fellows: Stanley Block, Usa Bunnag, Barry Cohan, Steven Cohen, Gary Colangelo, Terry Hoffeld, Eric Katkow, Melvin Kushner, Lewis Libby, Barry Lyon, Fred Magaziner, Ed Morris, Frederick Preis, Joanne Block Rief, Sheldon Seidel, James Taneyhill, Barbara Tatum, Patricia Tordik, and George Williams. This project was a collaborative effort; Non-ICD Fellows participating were Drs.: Tom á Becket, Herbert Benavent, Vanessa Benavent, Howard Dickler, Fotini King, Jay McCarl, Mervyn Pi-nerman, Deborah Rodriguez, Mitchell Stark and Martin Taubenfeld.

The volunteers on each date met over lunch at Noon and discussed approaches to leading the discussions and raised issues to broaden each other s perspectives on the topic at hand. Then pairs of mentors led the discussions by two different small groups of 20 – 25 students in sequential sessions. All approaches were based upon reference to the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. The students had prepared their interpretations of each case study in advance and found it useful to view each case in the manner described by the ADA Principles (viz., Autonomy, Non-Maleficence, Beneficence, Justice and Veracity). Finally, on March 8, the students were treated to a presentation by Fellows Eric Katkow and Barry Lyon, accompanied by the Honorable Kimberly Cammarata, Assistant Attorney General of Maryland on the topic, "How to stay out of trouble with the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners — How not to lose your Dental license."

The coordinators and those of us who participated in this initial restoration of an old tradition are enthusiastic about continuing and improving the series in 2017. Dr. Fotini King will serve as the Faculty Coordinator in the upcoming year. Preliminary plans will be sent out when they become available. Please consider joining in this service to the future of the profession.

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