June 28, 2016
Spring time greetings! I sincerely hope that the wet weather is behind us and that Summer is truly on the way. There are several notable events to tell you about since our last edition. 
At our annual business meeting I announced the establishment of two new initiatives in which our Fellows could participate. The first was a combined effort with the Maryland region of the American College to staff the Ethics Program for the third-year students at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD). The program was chaired by Fellows Eric Katkow and Barry Lyon. Each College was asked to pro-vide five Fellows for each of the eight seminar sessions. The ICD-Maryland and the ACD-Maryland shared the cost of providing lunch for the mentors during the preparation session prior to each of the seminars. Scheduling issues conspired so that the seminars were scheduled at possibly the worst time for those of us still in practice. Nevertheless, Eric and Barry did yeoman's work in rounding up the necessary manpower to facilitate the seminar series. All of us who participated were impressed by the interest and enthusiasm of the students. Hopefully, next year we can effect a scheduling change so that more Fellows can participate in this seminar series especially in light of the fact that questions about ethics and integrity are increasingly being associated with our profession. [Editorial note: see related story below]

The second new initiative was the result of several meetings between the ICD-Maryland leadership with the Students and faculty at UMSOD, The Maryland Chapter has begun to sponsor a Practice Management Study Club. Rising junior, Robert Clark was the driving force behind the establishment of this club. Dr. Karen Faraone, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, is the faculty sponsor but the club was organized and publicized entirely by Robert and his classmates.

The first meeting of the Study Club was held in January. Over 150 students attended my presentation on the “Types of Private Practice.” In February, Fellow Joanne Block Rief presented a wonderful lecture entitled “Being a Good Associate.” Joanne then followed up her presentation by hosting several students at her office for a tour and for further discussion. A heartfelt salute to Joanne for an outstanding job involving a much needed topic. In April, Karen enlisted her son who is an agent for AXA PPP healthcare to present on loans, finances and money management, always a hot topic. Finally, in April, a Senior student from New Jersey enlisted her father to visit and to talk about practice success and motivation. Next year, the club is intending to have eight monthly meetings. I am scheduled to present on overhead, expenses and practice money management. I know that Joanne has another subject on which she would like to present. But please allow me this opportunity to ask you to contribute. These students get no training in this most important area. If you have any expertise to share on the business side of private practice, please let me know. Eventually, Joanne and I would like to establish a mentoring program for those in this club who are interested. Office visits would be an integral part of this expanded program. Finally, the ICD-Maryland covered the cost of pizza and drinks for each of the seminars which were held late in the afternoon. Please consider joining Joanne and me. The students are hungry for any real world input.
In Fellowship,
James W. Taneyhill
Deputy Regent, District 4 Maryland
ICD USA Section

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