March 5, 2019

Dr. Hansen, his wife Ann and their team treated 80 patients who were trucked in from a nearby village, 128 extractions, a dozen or so restorations and one cleaning.

Mrs. Hansen said "the people wear their very best clothes and had to wait until the very last patient was seen before they loaded the truck for a 3-hour trek back to their village. The picture of all of them loaded in the back of that Daihatsu, gauze hanging from their mouths, departing under the light of the moon brought many of us to tears." 

The mission trip consisted of long days with 20 hours of continuous travel by planes, buses and automobiles through some of the craziest Dominican Republic traffic. Almost an entire day was spent unpacking supplies, setting up equipment and organizing the clinic to see the people of Centre Department of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

Thank you for Serving Others!

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