June 16, 2017

USA Section Foundation President's Message
June 2017

Dear Fellows,

The ICD USA Section Foundation had its Spring Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico in May. As usual, the BOT meeting was held at the same time as the USA Section’s Board of Regents meeting. The setting at the Caribe Hilton Resort was beautiful and allowed participants not only a wonderful meeting facility but also a beautiful area to visit.

We had 11 (of 13) BOT members present and spent much time in the USA Section Foundation committee meetings prior to the BOT meeting. The accomplishments of 2016 were noted and we agreed to goals for 2017. Noteworthy among those are the following:

  • The election of Dr. Michael Bydalek as USA Section Foundation Treasurer (and appreciation to Dr. Ron Paler for his 6 years as USA Section Foundation Treasurer)
  • The USA Section Foundation Strategic Plan, approved in Denver in the Fall, provides the framework for how the ICDF plans to use its efforts and resources
  • The USA Section Foundation Bylaws were again tweaked and now are very current for the organization
  • A USA Section Foundation Policy Manual was approved and distributed which will clarify many of the operational aspects of the organization
  • New USA Section Foundation Grant protocol and process documents were developed and approved
  • A pilot program to identify and financially support USA Fellows’ humanitarian projects was approved and is also supported by Henry Schein Cares (more about this below)
  • Fundraising activities were reviewed, existing efforts enhanced, and new efforts identified
  • Century Club membership
  • Planned Giving opportunities
  • Named Fund protocol
  • The Past Presidents Council was approved by both the USA Section Foundation and the USA Section—this will create an engagement of past presidents of both groups as well as corporate personnel
  • The USA Section Foundation website improvements were identified which will enhance our exposure
  • A USA Section Foundation audit of 2016 was obtained and resulted in a very positive report
  • Discussions are ongoing for the USA Section Foundation Financial Advisor and CPA support
  • Determination that the Foundation and Section together need to continue to assess the identification of a “Signature” project—this will occur in the Joint Projects Committee
  • The USA Section Foundation noted appreciation to Imtiaz Manji for his personal support and Henry Schein Cares potential support for ongoing and new projects

Now that the organizational structure of the USA Section Foundation has been enhanced (BOT and committee functioning, Strategic Plan, Policy Manual, Bylaws update, etc.) the USA Section Foundation will primarily focus on two activities during 2017: enhanced fundraising strategies and a pilot program to support USA Fellows’ projects.

We are in the process of engaging a firm to assist us in the development and implementation of a Planned Giving Program and hope to have this initiated during this year. We will also continue to expand our Century Club membership ($100/month for 5 years). We also want to promote a Named Fund project whereby prominent individuals can have a USA Section Foundation fund established in their name. More information about these fundraising efforts will be presented in a later article.

We also want to survey our USA Fellows to determine the types of humanitarian projects they participate in as well as to assess their interest in the USA Section Foundation providing small grants ($500) to help initiate or sustain their local projects. If we get positive feedback for this initiative, we hope to establish the protocol for such a program during this year. If the grant program is deemed worthwhile, the USA Section Foundation and Henry Schein Cares have committed to provide financial support for these grants. So…much occurred at our Spring BOT meeting. We believe we are doing our best to be great stewards of your contributions and that our efforts continue to benefit our profession and oral health. 

Best regards to all,

Theodore M. Roberson, President
ICD USA Section Foundation

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