May 30, 2016


Ted Roberson, ICDF President

The ICDF Board of Trustees approved a tentative draft of a 2017-2019 Strategic Plan for the Foundation at its Spring, 2016 meeting in Williamsburg. Final details need to be developed, discussed, and approved prior to the Fall BOT meeting. At that meeting an ICDF Strategic Plan will hopefully be approved. An ICDF Strategic Plan will dictate how the ICDF uses both its efforts and resources. All of this will be in maintaining our commitment to helping others.

The following gives a brief description of some of the major highlights of the Strategic Plan proposal. I hope you will review this proposal and provide me with any feedback.

VISION: The ICDF is dedicated to improving oral health and the dental profession in the U.S.A. and the World

MISSIONThe ICD USA Section Foundation supports and promotes the educational, scientific, literary, and humanitarian efforts of the International College of Dentists’ USA Section and other collaborating organizations and individuals.


  • Oral health is essential to the quality of life and an integral component to overall health.
  • The dental profession promotes the improvement of oral health.
  • Excellence in dental education and lifelong learning is critical to the future of the profession.
  • Dental humanitarian and educational services are important and should be promoted throughout the world.

CORE VALUES: Integrity/Leadership/Service


  1. We have an effective and efficient ICDF organizational structure
    1. Review and update Foundation purposes and goals
    2. Enhance functioning of ICDF
  2. We provide financial support for both the humanitarian and educational activities of the USA Section and other collaborating organizations and groups
    1. Determine appropriate Section and ICDF activities to be supported
    2. Develop strategies to identify other non-Section activities to be supported
    3. Establish policy for disbursement of Foundation funds
  3. We have the necessary financial resources to enable appropriate support
    1. Assess, enhance, and set goals for CURRENT fundraising efforts
    2. Develop, implement, and set goals for NEW fundraising efforts
    3. Assess current portfolio management policy and determine if changes are necessary
    4. Increase our corpus to $2 million
  4. We have state of the art communication and public relation strategies
    1. Establish state of the art ICDF website and database
    2. Incorporate the use of social media and electronic communications
    3. Assess and enhance our Public Relations strategies
  5. We promote and support oral health and the advancement of the dental profession
    1. Support Volunteerism
    2. Promote and recognize dental journalism excellence
    3. Identify, recognize and support leadership and humanitarian efforts and accomplishments
    4. Support dental education and dental students
    5. Support appropriate clinical and research activities

I hope you will provide any feedback to me about your thoughts about our goals and objectives. We will have a plan that provides great specificity about exactly what action items are to be accomplished to meet our goals and objectives as well as who will be responsible and the time framework for completion.

As stated previously, a Strategic Plan will guide the ICDF in its allocation of effort and treasure. Our actions will be dictated by such a plan and therefore our focus will be strengthened.


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