December 8, 2016

International College of Dentists
USA Section Foundation
2016 Review

I continue to be honored to be affiliated with the ICD USA Section Foundation (ICDF). We continue to enhance ICDF’s effectiveness and ability to support worthwhile activities. As my first year as ICDF President ends, I am excited about our potential for 2017 as we strive to support the USA Section and ICD USA Fellows in their humanitarian efforts.

Accomplishments in 2016

This year (2016) has been a very successful year. We accomplished major initiatives to enhance our ability to function now and in the future. The following activities were accomplished in 2016:

  1. Adopted a Strategic Plan which will direct the allocation of our efforts and resources for the next 3 years. The plan has specific actions and timelines. The 4 major objectives of the Strategic Plan are:
    1. We have an effective and efficient ICDF organizational structure
    2. We provide financial support for both the humanitarian and educational activities of the USA Section and other collaborating organizations and groups
    3. We have the appropriate financial strategy to enable support
    4. We have effective communication and public relation strategies
  2. Enhanced our ICDF website information, including simplified donation actions
  3. Prepared a draft for an ICDF Policy Manual which will further organize our efforts
  4. Developed an ICDF PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the history and activities of the ICDF
  5. Developed an ICDF Tickler File providing dates and events on an annual basis
  6. Adopted and instituted our Audit Policy, thereby assuring our financial integrity
  7. Implemented our new administrative functioning policies for committee, officer and BOT activities, streamlining efforts and promoting electronic communication
  8. Utilized our new Standing Committee structure which had combined and updated our overall activities
  9. Continued to update our Bylaws making them current and effective
  10. Assessed the 2015 BOT survey in making decisions

Issues/Activities to be pursued in 2017 (per our Strategic Plan)

  1. Expend our effort and financial support as directed by our Strategic Plan
  2. Develop specific plan to identify and disseminate US Fellow humanitarian and leadership activities and accomplishments
  3. Finalize our Policy Manual (and Articles of Incorporation as needed)
  4. Assess and modify as necessary the support for current projects
  5. Assess ICDF personnel needs
  6. Expand our fundraising activities
  7. Emphasize our support for US dental students
  8. Continue our support of dental journalism
  9. Consider the development of US Fellow competition for ICDF financial support awards
  10. Support and promote volunteerism
  11. Continue our evolution for website and social media functionality
  12. Assess our current portfolio management

Thus, the ICDF is operating efficiently and effectively. We need your support to accomplish our objectives.

Please contact me with any suggestions or comments:
Ted Roberson, President
Phone: 919 - 489 - 4357

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