November 25, 2019

12/3/19 Update on New USA Section Website

Our new ICD USA Section and Foundation websites are scheduled to launch within the next few weeks. The navigation and backend coding is completed. During these next two weeks our current (as of today) Fellowship data will be submitted to the website designers to prepare, convert and upload to the new websites for the final stage of development and testing. As of today, we can no longer update any data or content on the current website. This includes Dues and the Candidate Process, which will resume upon launching of the new website. 

Please plan check out the new websites around December 23, 2019 by visiting We ask that you login to check your profile information. At that time, you will be able to check on your candidate's status, nominate a candidate, pay dues, visit the Foundation website and Key Room, donate, etc. 

The new website will have instructions posted on how to create your new login and password.

You will receive your 2020 Dues Statements after December 18, 2019 and dues can be paid on the new website after December 23, 2019.

In Fellowship,

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