February 14, 2017

The International Peace Initiatives in Meru, Kenya, operates an orphanage for about forty-two children in Meru, called the Kithoka Amani Children's Home (KACH). Thanks to the generosity of IPI-U.S. board member Mike McClorey, the Home was able to take about half of the KACH children to visit a dental clinic. 

This dental clinic is run by the Presbyterian Church in Chogoria, which is about a ninety-minute drive from Meru going south along the main road to Nairobi on the east side of Mount Kenya. This visit took place on January 12, 2017. The remaining children will be sent for examinations and treatment plans within a few weeks. The church has a huge, well-furnished hospital complex there which includes the dental clinic. The dentist there, Dr. Hawa, is a dedicated and very caring dentist and both the IPI staff and the children took an instant liking to her. In response to Mr. McClorey's inquiry, she wrote, "Thank you for putting a long-term smile on the children's faces. It is encouraging to learn that the children get their annual checkups and cleaning—God will bless you. I look forward to serving provisions of dental treatments and a chance to improve their oral health." The children were accompanied by another IPI board member, attorney Ralph Ogden of Denver, Colorado, who visits the program twice each year.
Dr. Hawa provided a special rate for the KACH children. It is copied below. She examined each child and made a chart note about what they need. About eight need fillings, extractions, and even a root canal or two. She made computer entries and then gave each child a card with information on it, and attached their x-rays. One girl needs a special x-ray that she can only get at a hospital in Meru. Dr. Hawa commented on how well behaved the KACH children were—they waited quietly and patiently for as long as six hours. There is a restaurant facility in the hospital complex and we were able to feed everyone for about $45. The children must now come back for their additional work, including cleanings, which they all need. Dr. Ringera Karambu, Ph.D., the International Peace Initiatives CEO, also accompanied the children and is waiting for Dr. Hawa to provide follow-up dates, as the clinic is very busy and is booked up far in advance.

Report submitted by: Ralph Ogden

Featured Photo: Dr. Hawa with Dr. Mao Dandan, a Chinese physician, looking on.

The USA ICD Foundation is proud to have helped support the development of this Dental Clinic in Kenya with financial aid over a period of years. 

Fellow Dr. Arnie Jacobson has facilitated this humanitarian effort. Thank you for your service!

If you are interested in volunteering or supporting the Kenya Oral Health Initiative, please go to their website: www.kenyaohi.org.

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