March 1, 2017

The Many Ways to Support Your ICD USA Section Foundation (ICDF)
Ted Roberson - ICDF President

The USA Section of the International College of Dentists has a long history of encouraging and supporting worthwhile humanitarian causes. To enhance that ability, the USA Section Foundation (ICDF) was established 30 years ago. Today the ICDF has an efficient and effective organizational structure, with a Strategic Plan and Bylaws that dictate its expenditures of capital and effort. We have a goal of a $2 million corpus, that when reached will allow us to expend approximately $200,000 annually to support worthwhile humanitarian projects. This funding source is very important as we try to enhance our ability to provide meaningful help for many worthwhile efforts.

To reach this goal we need help from our US ICD Fellows as well as our business/corporate colleagues. These dollars will be used to support carefully vetted humanitarian projects that improve people’s lives and health. They may be in the US or abroad, local or national, student or dentist focused, large or small. Examples of the projects supported can be found throughout our ICD website.

How can you help support the ICDF?

  • Make a direct contribution
  • Cash
  • Stocks/bonds
  • Real estate
  • Personal property
  • ​Planned Giving
    • Charitable gift annuity
    • Charitable remainder trust
    • Will bequeath
    • Retirement benefits
    • Life insurance
    • Charitable lead trust
  • Initiate Certain Activities
    • Century Club membership ($1200/year for 5 years)—All national ICD Section and Foundation officers are members
    • Utilize Amazon Smiles for purchases—ICDF gets ½ % of any contribution through this group
    • Contribute to or establish Named Funds ($5000 minimum startup for establishing a Named Fund)
    • Key Room sales—purchase ICD apparel, items at meetings or from catalog
    • Create District/State competition/involvement/contribution (Century Club, cash, etc.)
    • Acknowledgement/Sympathy cards purchase
    • Named facility (ICD Section Office Room)—minimum of $5000.
    • Named event—Convocation/CE event/Dinner-Dance/Leadership Conference

You can contact me or the Section office (April Huber) to learn how to specifically make a contribution or participate in the various activities described above. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ted Roberson, President, ICDF
Phone: 919-489-4357

April Huber, Website, Social Media and Financial Assistant      
Phone: 301-251-8861

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