December 28, 2018

By nature of your accomplishments in dentistry, you are already in a special class of professionals: ICD Fellows. ICD Fellowship recognizes your leadership in the profession and in your communities. As you well know, it is a special honor to be elected to Fellowship!

You would not have been awarded Fellowship if you were not a “leader, but the question remains: despite all of your accomplishments, what will be your legacy?

We urge you to consider donating to one or more of the many worthwhile projects that the ICD USA Section Foundation supports.

Just a few of the projects and programs supported by the Foundation include:

  • The International Dental Student Exchange program
  • The International Humanitarian Outreach program
  • The Samuel B. Harris Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore
  • White Coat ceremonies at dental schools
  • Student Leadership Awards
  • Student Mentoring Programs
  • Dental Health Education
  • Seminars on Volunteerism

Donating to the ICD USA Section Foundation is a perfect way to be known and remembered as a true leader in dentistry. It is going that “extra step” to give back to the profession that enabled your success and lifestyle.

You can receive recognition by giving to the Century Club or by establishing a “Named Fund” in your name or to honor someone with special meaning to you.

You can support worthy humanitarian projects that your busy life and profession don’t allow you to give your own time in service or travel.

You can be recognized as someone special who supports the many “good” humanitarian, charitable and educational projects that the ICD USA Section Foundation funds.

We ask you to consider adding an additional contribution to the ones we are sure you are already making elsewhere or to consider re-allocating some of those existing contributions to the ICD USA Section Foundation.

And finally, the ultimate recognition is through a “legacy gift” involving estate planning where some of your assets or other financial instruments are utilized to leave funding to the ICD USA Section Foundation as a thank you from you to our great profession!

We can even customize a plan to meet your needs! Feel free to email us and we will gladly have someone contact you to work with you about possibilities for donating.

Please see the ICD USA Section Foundation website at:

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