May 1, 2013

It certainly is my pleasure, as President of the USA Section, to wish each of you a Happy New Year and express my gratitude for the honor to serve as your 2013 President. I am fortunate to have the support and energy from Past President Kenney and the Board of Regents to enthusiastically continue our current projects and activities.

Our recently approved Applied Strategic Plan has clarified our priorities, goals and objectives for the coming five years. Dr. Kenney's December electronic KEY-mail provided a concise review of the main topics which are deemed vital in the plan. With this format, our tasks are clearly outlined, and have already been initiated by the "Goal Champions". I trust each of you will quickly realize the vitality of our Section as you become aware of the various actions being reported throughout the year.

I am keenly aware of the unusually beneficial circumstance provided for me, unlike my predecessors. Normally, the incoming president outlines the themes of action he/ she anticipates accomplishing in the term of office. Fortunately, I have the great advantage of having you, the Fellows of the USA Section, guide me and the Board of Regents through our Applied Strategic Plan, as to what and who we are, and wish to become. With the 2012 Survey, you mandated: