December 5, 2017


At the end of 2017, I will complete my term as Foundation President. Even though I will continue as Immediate Past President, essentially my time as an ICD leader will be over. I have truly been blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the wonderful ICD USA Section and Foundation. I have had the pleasure and honor to be: Deputy Regent, Regent, Section Vice President, Section President, Section Deputy Registrar, Foundation Trustee, Foundation President, and Master Fellow.

What a great journey!
What great friends we have across the US and in many countries!
What great things we have been able to do!
What great places we have visited!
What a great experience it has been for Brenda!

I have experienced the absolute finest leaders in the dental profession within this organization. I have had the honor to work with dental school deans (me…a lowly faculty member), state dental presidents, ADA Trustees, State Board members, Public Health officials, Admirals, Generals, ADA Council members, and many others. In the years I have been privileged to be part of the leadership the organization (in spite of me) has made historical advancements in everything it does. Some of the accomplishments the organization has made include:

  • We bought a beautiful and spacious Section Office which, over time, should not only increase our net worth but also provide our staff with an impressive work environment.
  • We have converted almost all of our activities to digital formats, making our operation more efficient and effective. This includes major advancements in our data base, our communications, and website.
  • We now have a very specific assessment and knowledge of both Section and Foundation finances. This has resulted in both groups being in sound financial shape.
  • We now have Strategic Plans for both the Section and Foundation. These plans provide specific goals to accomplish in a timely manner. They also dictate how efforts and resources should be utilized by each group, i.e. new activities must adhere to the Strategic Plan.
  • We now have a close and mutually supportive relationship between the Section and the Foundation.
  • We have increased the number of ICD Inductees per year due to efforts to better identify qualified and deserving individuals.
  • We have qualified and engaged members and officers of the Section’s Board of Regents and the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. We also have capable, helpful, and dedicated staff.
  • We have enhanced organizational efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining both groups’ Bylaws, committee structure, board meetings, and policy manuals.
  • We have significantly expanded the activities and programs that we support, both by the Section and the Foundation.

There are many others as well, but those are some of the highlights.

Thanks for the memories!

Theodore (Ted) M. Roberson, DDS
President, USA Section Foundation 2016 & 2017
International College of Dentists

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