July 25, 2019

Last weekend I visited one of our state chapters and gave a rundown of some of the activities held during the past year in the ICD USA Section. Presidents of a couple of other dental organizations were there and also gave updates for their respective groups.  After the event, I spoke with them and one, who is not a Fellow of our College, admitted to being amazed at the number of things ICD does.  Although I felt justifiably proud of this compliment to our accomplishments, I also felt a bit of disappointment – we do great things, and should not be shy about sharing that with the world.  If you participate in any form of humanitarian volunteerism, be it at your office, your state, or internationally, please share what you do with your Deputy Regent who will pass it along to our Section Office.  Is something interesting happening in your chapter?  Let us know. We would love to publish as many of these activities as we can. 

Soon we will welcome the ICD USA Section Class of 2019 in San Francisco, CA.  The Convocation is Friday, September 6th at 1:00 p.m.  If you are a sponsor of someone in this class I encourage you to be there to watch your candidate walk across stage into Fellowship and share in this memorable experience.  For those who cannot attend, we will livestream both our Fellowship Orientation Program and the Convocation on Facebook.

To our Section leaders, I anticipate that our committee and BOR meetings will be engaging and rewarding as we complete goals set for this year and move on to our Centennial Year goals. I trust you will find the events we planned during our time in San Francisco memorable.

We will be kicking off our upcoming Centennial Year with some photo opportunities and merchandise, which includes an exciting Centennial Challenge for all Fellows to be announced in August!

In Fellowship,
Peter P. Korch III, President
ICD USA Section 

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