January 20, 2018

GAITHERSBURG, MD—January 1, 2018
International College of Dentists USA Section Foundation

We are pleased to announce our 2018 ICD USA Section Foundation President, Dr. Dexter E. Barnes, who goes by Deck. He was born in Seattle, Washington in 1943. His family moved to Eugene, Oregon for his Junior and Senior High School Years. He then returned to Seattle where he attained his BS and DDS degrees from the University of Washington.

Photo: Past President Dr. Theodore M. Roberson (L) with President Dr. Dexter E. Barnes (R)

Dr. Barnes and Mary Ann met in undergraduate school and married in 1967 between Deck’s second and third years of dental school. They are the proud parents of four grown children: Sons Shannon, Bryce, Brett, daughter Lindsey, and grandparents of eight. They are long time members of Shoreline Community Church where Mary Ann served many years as Director of Women’s Ministry, and Deck has served three terms on the church board and is currently serving a third term as Board President as well as serving on the Boards of two other small ministries. Mary Ann led a Campfire group of young girls from five-year-old Bluebirds all the way to their Wo He Lo Awards (the equivalent of the Eagle Scout rank).

Dr. Barnes is a member of the ADA as well as the University of Washington Dental Alumni Association and Class Representative since 1969. Dr. Barnes has served as President of the Dental Alumni Association (1973), the Washington State Dental Association (2007), and the Washington State Dental Association Foundation (2013-15 and 2017-18). He also served as Chairman of the Dean Ernest M. Jones Memorial Lectureship since 1976.

Dr. Barnes continues his full-time general dental practice in downtown Seattle with no plans to retire. Being a part of the dental profession has been a great joy and privilege. Having the honor of being an ICD Fellow and the opportunity to serve this great organization is the highlight of a wonderful career.

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