September 30, 2017

What’s New with the Foundation?

This is an exciting time for the USA Section Foundation! Not only are we implementing special grant and award programs for USA Fellows’ local and state humanitarian projects but also we are initiating 3 new fundraising activities that will provide new support opportunities for many of our Fellows.

ICD USA Section Foundation and Henry Schein Cares Humanitarian Stimulus Grant
This grant will provide $500 to a number of US Fellows to support their local or state humanitarian projects. This was developed to demonstrate our commitment to our US Fellows and what they are doing. Henry Schein Cares is also helping to support this grant. Having US Fellows apply for these grants will provide us with much information about the numbers and types of humanitarian projects they have, which will allow us to disseminate that information throughout the ICD. This not only publicizes their efforts but also enhances the USA Section’s range of support and encourages other Fellows to consider similar projects. An assessment of a recent survey of US Fellows provided the impetus to consider such a program. While the survey response rate was not high, it did demonstrate that 2 of 3 US Fellows are involved in a wide range of local or state humanitarian projects, affirming our strong belief that many of our Fellows participate in such activities. The survey also indicated that approximately one-third (1/3) would be interested in applying for this $500 grant, and when projected to our total Fellowship numbers, this could be a substantial number of possible applicants. (The specific information about this grant can be found on our Foundation website under “Foundation Grants”.)

ICD USA Section Foundation and Henry Schein Cares Humanitarian Project Award
This $5,000 award will be presented annually to the best USA Fellow state or local project that is deemed the most beneficial in terms of care provided or positive outcomes. Any USA Fellow may apply for the award.

The two new fundraising activities will be in addition to the current USA Section dues statement donation appeal, Memorial gifts, and Century Club membership. These new activities are:

Gift Planning opportunities
The Foundation has engaged the Pentera Group to develop and administer a Gift Planning opportunity for donors. The inclusion of the Foundation in wills, trusts, insurance benefits, etc. provides a simple way for individuals to support the USA Section. Specific information and instructions are provided. (See additional information “Gift Planning” on the Foundation website “How to Donate”.)

Required Minimal Distributions from retirement accounts
Each year, many retirement accounts require a minimal distribution for retirees over 70 ½ years old. It is relatively simple to designate all or some that required fund usage to the USA Section Foundation. Consult your plan administrator to identify the benefits for both you and the Foundation. (See additional information “Required Minimal Distribution (RMD) Strategy for Foundation Contributions” on the Foundation website.)

I am very proud of the continuing positive evolvement of the USA Section Foundation. The activities noted above demonstrate our efforts to enhance our support of those who provide humanitarian care. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

In Fellowship,

Theodore M. Roberson, President (
ICD USA Section Foundation

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