November 1, 2012

In conjunction with the 2012 Applied Strategic Planning, the ICD USA Section conducted a survey to gauge the Section's views of its services, goals, initiatives and future direction.

In conjunction with the 2012 Applied Strategic Planning, the ICD USA Section conducted a survey to gauge the Section’s views of its services, goals, initiatives and future direction. From the 423 responses of Fellows polled (random 1000 Fellows), a number of conclusions may be indicated, including:

Most important current services are:

  • Social Interaction and Fellowship (53%)
  • Domestic Humanitarian Services (51%)
  • Dental Student Support (38%)
  • Local, State and District Activities (38%)

As the USA Section is examining the possibility of a pre-ADA Annual Meeting, 40% of survey respondents stated they would attend such a meeting to hear about Section projects, Leadership Development and Professional Growth, and for the social events. They indicated they would more likely attend for these reasons (76%) than for dental practice information/CE (14%); yet, 63% indicated they would welcome CE Travel opportunities! The survey revealed that 64% of the respondents approve of Leadership as a goal, and 78% approve Leadership as the Section’s Brand. Leadership development is the second highest rated topic for a proposed annual meeting; however, in practice, current leadership development is noted “Very Important” to only 22%.  Likewise, only 22% rated a proposal of expanded leadership development opportunities as “Very Important”. Survey respondents consider the goal of domestic humanitarian services (67%) more important than international services (44%) and mentoring dental student (56%) more important than the International Dental Student Exchange (31%). A significant majority (78%) want the Section to prioritize assistance to domestic and international areas in times of need; however, only 40% indicated an interest in participating in an international dental outreach project. A significant number of the Fellows polled (57%) do not sponsor candidates for Fellowship and do not provide humanitarian services (69%). A majority (64%) support fee-based ICD Webinars/Webcasts or video conferences as additional learning venues. This overview of the complete survey provides insight into the direction the Section membership desires for the future. The USA Section, like many other organizations, has conflicting objectives; while the Section inducts new Fellows in recognition of meritorious and exemplary service to the profession and to the community, the Section also encourages further service and commitment from these same individuals. Many embrace further involvement; others (for varying reasons) choose not to participate.

The survey results have provided the Section leadership with many insights and it has also raised a multitude of questions, including:

  • Can we inspire more involvement?
  • How might we develop and provide more relevant leadership development?
  • How can we expand the horizons for USA Fellows to keep the College international?
  • How can the interests and needs of our newer Fellows be better served?
  • Is the Section prepared to offer electronic CE offerings in response to a new generation’s expectations?

The Board of Regents of the ICD USA Section, responding to a new age, has committed to advance the Section to a new level. Our plate may be “full”, but we will move forward in harmony with the wishes of our Fellowship!

In Fellowship,

Paul E. Stubbs, DDS Curtis R. Johnson, DDS
President-Elect Vice President

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