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Professional Guidelines adopted by the American Association of Dental Editors, 2001
Downloads are available in two formats, Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). 


Dental articles and editorials available as downloads in the right column:

  • These dental articles and editorials may be used by USA Section editors. This service is being made available to USA Section editors without charge. The authors and editors of the publications have given permission for this restricted use of their intellectual property.
  • Publications using these articles must notify the Chairperson of the ICD Communications Committee of their use by email. Please email Paula Rinaudo at pr@usa-icd.org and she will forward to Chairperson. This notification must include the name of the publication using the article, the district or state chapter, a contact person and that person's telephone number.
  • Full attribution must be given to the author and the publication.
  • It is asked that, as a matter of courtesy, a copy of the publication using the article be sent to the author.

Note: All articles are in MS Word format (.doc), the official word-processing format of ICD.