Who We Are
We are a grassroots effort of volunteers working to connect each community with honoring their low-income veterans. All businesses and individuals can sign up to participate for a better community.
Who We Serve
  • We serve veterans (and spouses) who meet all of the following criteria:
  • Veterans who have been deployed to combat/conflict areas, or areas of imminent danger
  • Veterans who have financial challenges and are low-income
  • We do not provide assistance for emergency care.

What We Do
For Dental care, we will connect a qualified veteran/family with a volunteer dentist in their community.
In the same model, we will connect other volunteer businesses or individuals in the community with a qualified veteran in the area who is in need of some services or goods.
Our Story
In 2008, Dr. Theresa Cheng, inspired by the story of a local Iraq veteran, gravely injured by an IED, decided to provide free dental care to the spouses or moms who are caring for our Heroes.

She quickly found out that most of our veterans do not get dental care from the VA. Dr. Cheng is inspired by many dentists who stepped up to help when given the opportunity. Currently, we have close to 300 dentists, plus dozens of specialists and dental labs across the United States who have provided volunteer services to our low-income veterans.

As she gets to know the veterans, she is convinced that all services and goods in any local community can provide tremendous impact in making a difference in the lives of low-income veterans, e.g. marriage counseling, gym membership, sporting goods for healthy habits and so forth, can improve their lives. Most businesses and the local residents would like to help low-income veterans, so Everyone For Veterans (formerly serveourvets.weebly.com) is formed to connect them.