Global Health Student Associations are organizations of dental students with a common interest in exploring the world of dentistry through professional and cultural enrichment of their education.
  • Members learn about oral health in the community of nations, the unmet needs for patient care, and the opportunities for travel to foreign lands to provide preventive education and clinical treatment.
  • Members explore the many differences in the organization of dentistry, dental education, and patient care services in other countries.
  • Members learn about the many pathways to diverse, unique and one-of-a-kind adventures in global dentistry.
  • Members meet regularly to acquaint colleagues with the professional and cultural rewards of participation in the Bettie R. McKaig Student Experience Program and inform them of the many available opportunities.
  • Members prepare for future professional leadership in the global community.
Purpose of a Global Health Student Association (GHSA) 
  • Preparation for professional leadership in the community of nations must begin in dental schools, for tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students.
  • The ICD is committed to preparing dental students for global opportunities of the future through the Bettie R. McKaig Student Experience Program and ICD Global Health Student Associations.
  • These programs are among the many international initiatives that identify and affirm the ICD’s historic commitment to “dentistry for the benefit of all humankind” by supporting global education for tomorrow’s leaders. Many dental schools and their global partners now participate.
  • Interested
Organize an ICD Global Health Student Association (ICD GHSA) now at your dental school in order to inform your student colleagues of the many opportunities for travel to foreign lands, to gain insight to the world of dentistry, to add professional and cultural enrichment to their education, and determine future prospects for leadership in the advancement of the profession and oral health in the global community.

How to Organize an ICD Global Health Student Association 
  • Develop your proposal to establish a GHSA, affiliated with the International College of Dentists. Obtain administration support and approval.
  • Contact the ICD USA Section to obtain the name of the Regent at your state component of the International College of Dentists.
  • Contact the Regent, inform him/her of your proposal, and request assistance and support in organizing a GHSA at your institution.
  • Establish a GHSA, a charter, and board of officers, in compliance with your institution’s pertinent rules and regulations.
  • Advertise the establishment of your GHSA to the students and faculty of your institution; welcome membership.
  • Plan and conduct periodic meetings of your GHSA, with presentations on past international exchanges and future opportunities.

Download brochure about the program: ghsa-brochure-2012.pdf