The governing authority of the USA Section is the Board of Regents. This body meets twice a year. The Board of Regents is composed of the USA Section Officers, the elected Regents from each of the 17 districts and the Registrar.



The International College of Dentists exists for the purpose of advancing the art and science of the dental profession. The College is perpetuated by the recognition of individual dentists who have exhibited conspicuous and meritorious service to their profession, their community, and to their family. Therefore, the future of the College is determined at the grass roots level by the individual Fellows of the College, while the day to day operations are under the direction of the Section Office, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Regents.



The USA ICD Districts have the same geographical boundaries as the 17 American Dental Association Trustee Districts. Each District is governed by an elected Regent and Vice Regent. A District may represent one State or multiple States. To view a map of all the districts: Section Roster by Districts