The ICD District 1 Rhode Island Annual Meeting and Dinner was held on May 26, 2022 in Providence’s historic Federal Hill. The meeting was a great success with several guest speakers including Deputy Regent Dr. David Ward, Regent Dr. Eliot Paisner, Vice Regent Dr. Jeffrey Dodge and Dr. Samuel Zwetchkenbaum; who spoke about Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance and the State of the State. Dr. Christine Benoit, ICD USA Section Foundation Trustee, spoke about the ICD USA Section Foundation and the ICD-WUDDA Scholarship application process. The meeting turnout was great and it was nice to catch up with old friends and make new connections.

From left to right: (photo 1: row 1 - left) Dr. Steven Young and Dr. Eliot Paisner; (photo 2: row 1 - middle) Dr. Mary Karish-Dodge, Dr. Barbara Cavicchio, Dr. Deborah Fuller and Dr. John Underhill; (photo 3: row 1 - right) Dr. Bruce Gouin, Dr. David Ward, Dr. Frank DeQuattro and Dr. Brendan Gouin; (photo 4: row 2 - left) Dr. David Ward (seated) and Dr. Samuel Zwetchkenbaum; (photo 5: row 2 - right) Dr. Edwin Mehlman and Dr. Eliot Paisner; (photo 6: row 3 - left) Dr. Edwin Mehlman and Dr. Barbara Cavicchio; (photo 6: row 3 - middle) Dr. Barbara Cavicchio, Dr. Jeffrey Dodge, Dr. Russell Chin, Dr. Steven Brown and Dr. Samuel Zwetchkenbaum; (photo 7: row 3 - right) Dr. Mary Karish-Dodge and Dr. David Ward

 In addition to a great meeting, it was ICD USA Section Foundation Trustee Dr. Christine Benoit’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dr. Benoit!

From left to right: Dr. Brendan Gouin, Dr. Bruce Gouin and Dr. M. Christine Benoit